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Will reopen at 9am on August 16
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This application is for continuing SSU students who wish to declare Human Development as their major. New transfer students who have just been admitted to SSU must matriculate as the major they were admitted under and apply for Human Development the following semester. Please read this information carefully:

  1. The Fall 2018 application period is August 16-17, 2018. Applications WILL NOT be accepted before or after these dates.
  2. The application portal will open at 9am on August 16 and close at 4pm on August 17, 2018.
  3. IMPORTANT: Clicking on the application portal, when it opens, will link to a Google Doc Form. Students must be prepared to enter their SSU username and password in order to access the Google Docs Form. If, when the application portal opens, you are unable to access the application, please review and follow the Steps for Accessing the HD Application. After following the instructions, if you still cannot access the application, contact the HD Coordinator via email while the application portal is still open. Phone calls to the Coordinator will not be answered during the application period. Students who fail to follow these instructions will miss the application deadline and NOT be allowed to apply to the HD major for Fall 2018 admission.
  4. The application consists of a series of simple questions, which you can prepare for ahead of time

Application Questions

Confirmation statements. The first four pages of the application ask you to confirm that you understand some basic aspects of the Human Development major.

Question 1: Did you run a 'What-if Report' between August 15 and August 17, 2018?

  • If you or an advisor already ran a What-if Report before these dates, you must run another What-If Report so that your report's 'Requested on' date is between the dates listed above. No need to print the report.
  • Don't know how to run a What-If Report or how to read it? Please watch the instructional video: Using the What-If Report to Check Your Eligibility for Declaring HD which will walk you through the steps necessary to run and read a What-If Report. 

Question 2: View your 'What-if Report'. What is your Do you have an OVERALL GPA of at least 2.5?

  • If you can answer Yes--great!
  • If your answer is No, you must reapply after you raise your GPA to a 2.5 (see tips for raising your GPA)

Question 3: View your 'What-if Report'. Have you completed at least 30 units?

  • If you can answer Yes--great!
  • If your answer is no, you must reapply after you have completed at least 30 units

Question 4: View your 'What-if Report'. Do all the prerequisite courses display a green circle next to them?

  • If you can answer Yes--great! You can apply to the HD major!
  • If your answer is No, and there are some are yellow triangles (in progress) or red squares (not completed) you must reapply to the HD major once all prerequisites are complete UNLESS
    • The course(s) appear as complete in your GE pattern, but not in the HD prerequisites (remember: a C is the required minimum grade), or
    • You COMPLETED one or more courses at another institution and the course has not yet transferred to SSU. In this case, you will need to upload evidence of your completed course, with final grade, at the time you apply to the major.

Review of Applications

Applications will be reviewed, students admitted, and permission numbers issued, in the order that they are received. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as the portal opens!

Issuance of Permission Numbers

Students admitted to the HD major during the Fall 2018 application period will be allowed to request permission codes to HD 320, HD 321 and/or HD 450. Depending on the number of applicants and the number of seats available, the program coordinator may restrict the number of permission codes a student can receive. New majors are not guaranteed seats in HD-designated courses for the semester they are admitted, even for courses for which they are issued a permission code. Applicants should check their SSU email frequently once their application has been submitted so that they can use their permission number(s) as soon as it is issued.

What if I Don't Meet the Prerequisites to Declare HD?

First, do NOT start taking upper-division HD courses! Although you may think you are making headway in the HD major, if you are not declared, you are taking courses that do not help you make progress toward your degree. Focus on completing the prerequisite courses and/or getting your GPA up to a 2.5.

Course Prerequisites

If your What-If Report shows that you do not meet the course prerequisites (all green circles), but you think you have, do the following:

  • Check the specific GE requirements in your ARR to see if the course you took for a specific GE area (A2, A3, B2) was completed with a C or higher. If so, you have completed that prerequisite even it if does not appear as a green circle on your ARR-you simply need to inform the Program Coordinator of this in your application.
  • Check your Transfer Credit: Report. Did you complete a prerequisite course at another institution? If you did, but the course is not 'articulated' with the HD prerequisite requirement, you simply need to inform the Program Coordinator of this in your application.
  • Did you take a course at another institution but your grade does not appear in your Transfer Credit: Report? Make sure you get your official transcript sent to SSU. In the meantime, be prepared to share a copy of your final grade with the Program Coordinator when you apply.

If you have one or more outstanding prerequisite courses to complete: take the course(s) ASAP--either at SSU or at another institution. Remember: you must obtain a C or better in all HD prerequisite courses. We accept face-to-face, hybrid and online courses to meet major prerequisites! If you have questions about whether a specific course is equivalent to an HD prerequisite course, please bring all course information (institution, department & course number, course title, and course description) to the Program Coordinator for review and approval before registering for the course.

GPA Prerequisite

Instructional Video:
Estimating your Overall GPA

If you don't meet the GPA requirement to declare Human Development, watch the instructional video: Estimating your Overall GPA, which provides an online resource for estimating when you will achieve a 2.5 GPA. Repeating courses in which you received a C- or below will help you raise your GPA. Please see the SSU Course Repeat Policy for additional information about repeating a course.