Apply to HD

Human Development is an impacted major and as such, students must meet specific prerequisite requirements (see below) before they will be allowed to become an HD major.

Students trying to declare Human Development are strongly encouraged to meet with the HD Coordinator during her office hours and join the SSU-Pre-Majors Listserv. Aside from checking the HD website, this is the only way for students interested in the Human Development major to get information about the major and the admissions process.

Human Development Prerequisites

Before a student can declare Human Development, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Sophomore standing (completion of at least 30 units)
  • Overall GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of the following GE courses with a grade of C or better:
    • GE area A2
    • GE area A3
    • Biological Foundation (Any GE area B2 (Biological Sciences) course)
    • Elementary Statistics (MATH 165; in GE area B4)
    • Social Science Foundation (Intro to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 203), Intro to Psychology (PSYCH 250) OR Intro to Sociology (SOCI 201))
    • Linguistic Foundation (Intro to Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH 200) OR Intro to Linguistics (ENGL 203))

Students who meet these prerequisites must apply to the major during the application period (once before the start of each fall semester and once before the start of each spring semester). Applications will NOT be accepted outside of these times. Please review the Application Instructions and Deadlines page for specific information about how and when to apply to the HD major.